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December 2nd - December 16th Free 50mb

02 December 2014 - 07:43 AM

This is a new hosting company, so for 2 weeks i am offering 50mb of free hosting on my server, after the 16th though, all sub domains will be deleted, this is just a trial to give dragonwild.com a try.


So if you have interest in trying dragonwild.com servers out i will be opening a sub forum, make the topic FREE TRIAL and give me a user name for your free trial and i will send you a message with your information


Your site will be a subdomain, no ads are required to have have on your trial.

If you enjoy dragonwild hosting before i clear subdomains or before and you are interesting in a purchase you may speak to me @ support@dragonwild.com on skype.

How to afford my 1.00 very easily (Start your business with in a week)

30 November 2014 - 01:25 AM

Hello all, one dollar is pretty cheap eh? of course it is, and guess what? My cheapest plan is 1.00 which is 1GB.

Well some will say they have no money to even afford 1.00, well here is me to your rescue, but lets go over a few questions.


1) Do you have a PayPal account? if not its easy to make at PayPal.com

2) Have you ever heard of Qmee? http://qmee.com?Well lets talk about it.


Well Qmee is a simple way of earning a 1.00 a month and being able to afford my hosting no problem whats so ever, and begin your business or even have a site you always wanted to build, sure 1 GB isn't much to start a site with, but if you are creative and got a good mind on your head, designing a site can be very easy, making blogs, selling items, just a few ways you can make money online with 1GB, you can also sign up for google adsense @ adsense.com and put ads on your sites, which is easy to setup.


Now lets talk about Qmee, Qmee is a browser extension for i believe Firefox, IE, and other browser, personally i would recommend using Qmee with Google Chrome, how does this work? Well you basically search different terms in multi search engines such as Google, Ebay, Amazon, Bing and many others, when you searched the proper word on Qmee you will see a ad from qmee on the left side of your browser, once clicking that ad you will be paid whatever how much the ad is worth it can range between .03 to highest i seen .18. with Qmee you can cash out via PayPal with any amount you desire, there is no cash out limit, personally i wait a few days to i cash out, i can cash out daily between .30 - .50 with this.. or every 3 days close to 2.00, but you will need a PayPal account in order to receive money, you get the money you earned almost immediately you cash out, there is also a option where you can donate your earnings to charity, i personally use both options, because its the kind of person i am. Now what kind of search results should you look for? search basic stuff such as anything related to clothes furniture and all that good stuff, cell phones is something good to search for to, now here is a fun hint, did you know the site the ad leads you to, normally has 3-5 more results to earn more on, by copying the words  the right clicking and scrolling down to search google you should get more results.


Here is a few sites i have gotten ads for and found even more results off of.






This is just a few, if you have any questions, leave a comment below, or if you would like to share more sites go for it.

Hosting as cheap as a 1.00?

29 November 2014 - 09:01 PM

The hosting plans are up and ready.. and you can get hosting here as cheap as a 1.00, find out what other plans i have here


Live Support and Presale Questions

28 November 2014 - 03:33 AM

If your learning about dragonwild.com and are looking for webhosting.. i just set my other computers skype up and you can talk on there.

the add is support@dragonwild.com for Skype.

Dragonwild.com Reborn

28 November 2014 - 01:11 AM

Its been six long years since i bothered with this site.. but it was time to bring it back again..

At the time when i stopped the site, there was a lot going down.. and i didn't have time for the site.

But now that things are a little easier.. i think its time to kick this 2015 year off right.. and bring back

a site that i made good and awesome at one time.. The hosting prices and the client area is not up yet.

But believe me i am working on that as we speak could be by monday i will finally have that coded, and ready.

The prices i am probably gonna make better than the last time i had this place opening, so stay tuned to see 

what i do with that.


Today is also Thanksgiving so Happy Thanksgiving to everyone as well !!