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Crib Bedding Sets .?

Today, 04:23 PM

Hey, I've been looking at reviews of crib bedding sets online trying to find a really comfy set that my little girl should enjoy but the only sort of reviews I've been finding are how CUTE certain sets are. I'm looking for some reviews on comfort. Anybody find a well made really comfortable feeling crib set recently? If so please share. Looks aside, which crib set won for you in how it feels?


victoria's secret bedding

Jetwashing an asbestos cement roof?

Yesterday, 05:42 AM

Tuesday last week, a firm came to wash our 40m² roof that consists of asbestos cement shingles. They used a pressure washer and then put another coating on it. I've heard that jetwashing such roofs can release a lot of fibres in the air. All doors and windows were closed, and I wasn't at home until 10 hours after the cleaning was done, but I'm still scared that there are asbestos fibres flying/lying around in and around the house. I have mopped the entire house and cleaned most of the garden with a garden hose. Should I be worried? Or am I just making things up and has the asbestos long gone away? Is this increasing my risk of getting mesothelioma?


Asbestos Roof Removal

Meanings of wedding color dress?

Yesterday, 04:26 AM

Why do most woman decide to wear white as a wedding dress color?

Why can't the dress color be pink black orange blue et.?


open back wedding dresses

Bands!!!! (emo music)

19 September 2018 - 10:58 AM

Okay so im trying to find some bands that sing um... well wut kinda music should i call it?.... um.... i guess emo music!!! U know im trying to find some bands that r like Metro Station or something!!! lol! So please tell me some bands that r like that!!!!! Thank u!! :)




Lets date app???????

19 September 2018 - 09:03 AM

So I met my boyfriend on "lets date" when we started dating we both agreed we would delete our accounts. And I did. Today I was curious to see if he actually did delete his account so I redownloaded the app and saw his account under who I was talking to. I went to his profile and saw that nothing changed. Idk how the lets date app works so idk if he actually deleted or not?help