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In Topic: Is there any special schools for Autisitic child?

21 October 2017 - 09:25 AM

 There may be a small specific program in your area, you would have to look Ito it.
A family friend of ours got into a school with only 12 children in it.
You could also get a private tutor who specializes in children with mental disabilities, I don't know what the name for these are, but my aunt is one.
There are also small programs within private and Christian schools, the Christian school I go to has 4 students who have a class room and program and 2 teachers all to themselves. It's wonderful, they do the school work according to their level, but they also get to learn valuable life skills they would otherwise struggle with. All four students are so sweet, they get out and mingle with the rest of us when it's not class rime.
I would say to do some research and phone around, perhaps find another family with an autistic child in your area to see what they do. It never hurts to ask.