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I am starting a lawn mowing service.?

Today, 06:01 AM

I have a trimmer, a blower, and a walk behind mower. No experience. How do I get customers? How much should I charge. Im only one working. Average front lawn is 1500 sq ft. Same with backyard. Some big lawns about 4-5000 sq ft. Ask for more info.





commercial lawn mowing


How do I connect with iMac ssh log in?

Today, 05:41 AM

My iNac has a drop down "Go" menu option "Connect to server". It usually takes an afp:// or IP address to connect with another networked computer, and that is only for file sharing. SSH can be used in terminal for remote access. Can I use a ssh address in my Connect to Server on my iMac Intel 2GHz Snow Leopard for remote log in?




afp file format


Question for interior desingers or interior architects?

Today, 05:31 AM

hello everyone, I'm  thinking of majoring in these fields, but here's the problem, as I surfed through the web I found that most interior designers design only private spaces, like flats and bedrooms, etc. but my dream is to design large spaces like airports, cinemas halls and so on, are only experienced designers dealing with those?




office renovation jakarta

Where can I find tea length chiffon bridesmaids dresses?

Today, 05:12 AM

In different shades of grey, blue, or indigo? Thanks!
I'm not really in love with any of the dresses at bridaLS


China Health Care Funding?

Today, 04:24 AM

What is the health care funding and financing in China? How much is it form the government, private, anything else? How is their Health Care funded? 

Also, how much of spending is on their Health Care?




China Aktien